Propane Cookstoves For Schools

Propane Cookstoves For Schools

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Worldwide, more than four million people die prematurely from illnesses attributed to household air pollution from cooking with solid fuels, like charcoal. In Haiti, we support local Haitian startup businesses that manufacture and sell propane stoves.

One of our grantees, Switch S.A., is working with World Central Kitchen to install safe, healthy propane stoves in Haitian schools. Propane stoves protect women and children from the harmful effects of burning charcoal or wood and cut down on deforestation.

"I used to use charcoal for cooking," says Laurent Adline, the cook at National School Colbert Lochard in Port-au-Prince. "It made the kitchen very hot and smoky, which was so inconvenient. Since I began using the SWITCH stove, I no longer face those difficulties in cooking for the children." 

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